If you think glossy, thick, long hair is out of reach, think again. Expertly applied ProHair Extension can transform you today.

Thanks to technical innovations, PROHAIR Fiber Extensions are suitable for everyone. These new extensions are comfortable to wear and look and feel like the real thing. They're great for anyone who wants to add length, volume or body to their hair and ideal for adding color without using chemicals.

The styling possibilities are endless too. With ProHair Extensions, you can go from short to long, from fine hair to full, or add scattered highlights. The ProHair range contains 25 different shades that can be blended to exactly match any hair color for natural styling. Or, you can be adventurous with the newly introduced Party Pack colors, offering five iridescent colors to choose from.


ProHair Fiber Extensions gives you the power to transform your look with one simple service - providing a new look that will last up to three months. ProHair Fiber Extensions works without glues or adhesives, leaving your hair in the best possible condition while giving you the opportunity to wear the style you've always dreamed about.

How Do ProHair Fiber Extensions Work?

  • Feels and moves just like your own hair, but it is easier to s style and control
  • All fiber shades can be mixed together to match your own hair color to produce a natural-looking hairstyle
  • The fashion shade can help you achieve the latest eye-catching, stunning effects 
  • They are secured in place using the ProStyles heat clamp which attaches the ProHair fiber to your own hair by forming a very small, smooth plastic ring around the base of the extensions
  • They are undetectable and will produce more natural-looking styles
  • Removal is easy - Your hairdresser simply twists and fractures the plastic ring and the extension slides off, leaving no residue or damage to your own hair

Do ProHair Extensions Need Special Care?

  • They are very easy to care for with specially developed after-care products that help you keep your style looking it best at a price you can afford
  • Our Extension Care Leaflet has easy-to-follow advice to help you maintain the condition and style at home

The demand for extensions is growing daily, with icons from the fashion and music world demonstrating the versatility of extensions by altering their look to coincide with their latest collection for the newest release. Being part of this trend keeps you at the forefront of creative hair fashion.

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